Residential Lighting

Lighting serves an imperative function, we need it to see. But it also plays a vital role in its form and the environment it creates. A supermarket with dingy lighting communicates seedy options and lower quality; a restaurant with fluorescent lighting vs. candlelight is a cafeteria vs. fine dining. Lighting creates and defines ambiance, and the same is true in your home.

We find most of our customers pick lighitng at the end of the build. They have already made decisions about flooring, cabnitry, windows, paint colour… you name it. So when they get to lightingmost people are either done making decisions or out of money (and sometime both).

We’re here to help. Book an appointment with our Residential Lighting Specialist by clicking the link below. And don’t forget to click and download our Free “LIGHTING 101” pdf if you are building and need to pick out lighting. We tackle the most common questions we hear everyday regarding lighting.

Residential Lighting Design

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